Launch a mobile service like magic

Everything you need to launch phone and data plans, all in one place. Wholesale connectivity, checkout, payments, tax and compliance. We’ve built it, so you don’t have to.

Wholesale talk, text & data

Dashboard (OSS/BSS)

Branded checkout



Customer Support Tools

Tax and Compliance


Fully end-to-end, from wholesale to cash in the bank


The telecom operating system

Start selling eSIMs and SIM cards with talk, text and data on the world’s best networks. Mix and match Gigs’ integrated suite of products to launch your own branded mobile service, and watch the revenue roll in.

No-code mobile service

Successful signups with Connect

Launch a checkout and comprehensive plan management site in your own branding, without writing a single line of code.



Manage recurring billing, refunds, taxes and payouts without integrating a 3rd party payment provider.


The customer service AI, Operator

Reduce support overhead by 95% with instant sales and always-on customer service.


First-line support aids

Your connectivity cockpit, Dashboard

Resolve support queries with one click. Every subscription, metric, payment, SIM and device, all in one interface. Dashboard is always included, no matter what implementation path you choose.


Deep custom integration

Build seamless experiences
with Gigs API

Create unparalleled customer journeys, native to your own product. Gigs API and docs are designed for tech-first companies, so you can innovate faster and shield yourself from complexity.


Use Cases

Powered by Gigs

Our customers are at the forefront of telecom innovation, without ever needing to be experts in the field. Explore the experiences powered by Gigs.

Customer Insights

With Gigs’ off-the-shelf solution, we could launch our mobile plans in a matter of days across the US, all while keeping complete control of our branding and pricing. We get a 360 degree view into conversion rates, SIM activations, usage and more, helping us understand and improve the experience even further.

Sten Kirkbak,

CEO of Xplora


The only path to launching a mobile service is via a mobile operator or a wholesaler. The process takes 12-15 months, costs millions, and requires dedicated in-house telecom engineering, regulatory and support teams. You aim to break even within a few years of launching, but there are no guarantees.


Telecom has an operating system. Implementation happens in weeks, or even days. You get a positive return on investment from day one, and pay as you earn. Your focus is on customer experience and product innovation, not achieving high volume commitments to break even.

Be the mobile provider you always dreamed of.

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