Gigs Connect

Plug-and-play hosted checkout for mobile plans

Your end-to-end hosted checkout and subscription management service. Instantly embed your conversion optimized checkout anywhere, no code or integration required.

Recurring billing

Generate recurring revenue with a custom billing cycle for your mobile plans.


Easily manage global payments, payouts, taxes and fees. Gigs Payments is fully embedded in Gigs Connect.


Customize the look and feel of your Connect checkout, plan cards, SIMs, copy and emails to fit your brand.

Shareable link

Redirect to your Gigs Connect checkout from anywhere with just a link. No code or integration required.


Your checkout for topline growth

We built it, so you don’t have to. Save millions on developing, maintaining and optimizing your customer journey. Hundreds of thousands of customers have checked out with Gigs Connect.

How it works

Your customers select a plan and sign up in under 3 minutes.

  • Choice of multiple carriers and plans.

  • Choice of SIM type: a SIM card or eSIM.

  • Number port-ins are supported across all major carriers.


Customers pay for their plans securely in Gigs Connect. Gigs makes sure you get paid regularly.

  • Accept payments from all major credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

  • Payment methods are saved for recurring subscription billing. One-time top-ups are also supported.

  • Failed payments are recovered with automatic retries.

  • Telecom fees are automatically applied.


SIMs and eSIMs are activated immediately, straight from Gigs Connect.

  • Customers can activate their new SIM card or eSIM by scanning a QR code or clicking a link.

  • Activation guidance and eSIM installation guides for all devices are available in Gigs Connect.

  • All SIMs are fully activated and ready to use within minutes.

Self Service

Frictionless subscription management

Designed to reduce support requests, Gigs Connect allows your customers to manage their plans themselves from a familiar, user-friendly interface.

  • Upgrade plans or add a data top-up

  • Manage multiple lines

  • Easily change personal details and payment information

  • Self-serve all of the most common needs

Sell your plans anywhere with just a link

Allow customers to buy a phone plan from anywhere with shareable links. No code required, just a copy-paste.

Create a link

Easily create a direct link to your Gigs Connect sign-up flow.


Embed your link anywhere

The same link can be used on your website, in your app, in newsletters or even as a QR code on leaflets, billboards and in-store signage.


Sell your plans

Start selling plans automatically through Gigs Connect. You can even use your own domain to make the transition to Connect seamless. Sit back and watch the payouts roll in.



Secure and compliant

Gigs Connect helps you navigate all the complexities of global payments and local telecom regulations.

Secure payments

Connect supports 3D Secure checks and is automatically updated with global regulations and compliance for card payments.

Telecom compliance

Connect operates in accordance with local telecoms regulations and taxes, leaving you free to focus on your business.

Fraud management

Connect reduces your exposure to fraudulent users with machine learning technology for fraud prevention.

Conversion Optimization

Continuously grow your recurring revenue

Gigs Connect is optimized for conversion. Our customers achieve conversion rates of over 85% and check out in under 3mins.

Built-in conversion optimizations to date
  • Instant subscription activation

  • Checkout optimization

  • Address auto-correction

  • Autofill for fast checkout

  • Coupons & promo codes

  • Local currencies

  • Optimized for any device

  • Market expansion support


Global expansion at zero risk

Expand to new carriers and markets in days. Adapt and launch your plans in 100+ languages and currencies with Gigs Connect.

Customer Insights

“We were able to launch our MVP in almost one sprint, required zero additional hires, and even saw a revenue boost of up to 2x per user.”

Stephan Beyer,

VP Product

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