Create deeper customer relationships

Turn your hardware company into a subscription company. Embed eSIMs and SIM cards natively into your product portfolio, activate customers immediately, and double your revenue.

Seamless experience

Make activation easier than ever for customers. New users get online in minutes with embedded connectivity.

No fixed costs

With Gigs, you don’t need to pre-purchase supply or commit to a high volume of lines. Start fast with no risk.

Recurring revenue

2x your revenue per device over time with recurring subscriptions. Turn your one-time customers into long-term subscribers.


Get full control and oversight of your entire customer journey, from devices to wireless subscriptions and customer support.

Recurring Revenue

2x revenue per device

Start a movement. Turn your one-time device sales into enduring customer relationships with embedded connectivity.

  • Set your own pricing and stay in control of commercials and branding.

  • Auto-prompt users to upgrade and add data top-ups based on usage.

  • Easily handle recurring billing and payment retries.

  • Increase sales with introductory offers and vouchers.



Conversion rate



Signup time



Conversion rate



Signup time

Gigs Connect

We built it, so you don’t have to

Our team of experts has spent years optimizing your checkout journey to maximize conversions and attachment rates. Customers select a plan and get on board with your mission faster than ever.

How it works

Customers check out with 85% conversion and 3 minute signup time.

  • Choose from multiple nationwide carriers and plans.

  • Choose a SIM type: a SIM card or eSIM.

  • Number port-ins are supported across all major carriers.


Customers pay for their plans securely online.

  • Accept payments from all major credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

  • Payment methods are saved for AutoPay. One-time top-ups are also supported.

  • Over 70% of failed payments are recovered with automatic retries.

  • Telecom taxes and fees are auto-applied.


SIMs and eSIMs are activated instantly.

  • Customers activate their new SIM card or eSIM by scanning a QR code or clicking a link.

  • Activation guidance and eSIM installation guides for all devices are available in Gigs Connect.

  • All SIMs are fully activated and ready to use within minutes.


No Fixed Costs

Start fast with no risk

Start small and pay as you grow. Launch phone plans fast and get a positive return on investment from Day One.


With Gigs, you don’t need to pre-purchase supply or pay onboarding fees upfront. You’ll only generate costs when you generate revenue. No risk, unlimited scalability.

Focus on your core business

You don’t have to be a telecom expert to grow with Gigs. Increase your connectivity revenue and keep the focus on building your business.


Launch in days without writing a single line of code. You don’t need in-house developers to implement Gigs Connect, Payments or Dashboard.


A complete connectivity suite for devices

Embed connectivity seamlessly in your device fleet and customer journey. Gigs gives you powerful no-code solutions for everything from signup to payouts.

  • Premium wholesale connectivity from major carriers

  • An out-of-the-box checkout with over 85% conversion with Gigs Connect


5G & 4G LTE

  • Choice of networks

  • Unlimited talk & text

  • eSIMs

  • SIM cards

  • Mobile hotspot

  • Travel & roaming data

  • Premium data

  • VoLTE

  • SD & HD streaming

Payments & Payouts


  • Revenue analytics

  • Payment acceptance

  • Recurring billing

  • Invoicing

  • Refunds & chargebacks

  • 100+ currencies


  • Regular payouts

  • Multi-account payouts

  • Detailed invoicing

Customer Lifecycle

Subscription Management

  • Hosted checkout

  • Number porting

  • Self-service subscription management

  • Plan upgrades

  • Top-ups & add-ons

  • Pause or cancel plan

Device Management

  • Network compatibility

  • Find devices in Dashboard

  • Swap subscription to new device

Regulatory & Tax


  • Telecom taxes collected


  • Carrier of record

  • Compliant with local telecom regulations

  • Built-in KYC

White Label


  • Checkout flow

  • URLs

  • Transactional emails


  • Colors and logos

  • Landing page


Gigs at a glance

The world’s first international telecom platform. Wholesale connectivity meets branded customer experience. Mix and match Gigs’ products to build your ideal mobile service.


White-label hosted checkout and subscription management service. End users sign up, pay, activate their SIM and manage their plan via Gigs Connect.


Generative AI chatbot with in-thread UI components. Handle account management and customer support requests instantly by serving the right interface for any query, in-line in the chat.


Subscriptions, users, payments, devices and analytics across multiple carriers and markets - all in one interface.


Payment acceptance, recurring billing, refunds, disputes and payouts across all major currencies.


One single, developer-friendly telecom API across multiple carriers and global markets. Go deep with a custom integration.


Gigs bundles premium wholesale connectivity from operators globally.

Customer Insights

“With Gigs’ off-the-shelf solution, we could launch our mobile plans in a matter of days across the US, all while keeping complete control of our branding and pricing. With Gigs Dashboard, we get a 360 degree view into conversion rates, SIM activations, usage and more, helping us understand and improve the experience even further.”

Sten Kirkbak,

CEO of Xplora

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Gigs Connect

Your plug-and-play hosted checkout for mobile plans. Customers sign up, pay, activate their SIM and manage their plan via Gigs Connect. Embed your conversion optimized checkout anywhere, no code or integration required.

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Gigs Payments

Your end-to-end telecom billing platform. The easiest way to accept payments for phone plans and manage AutoPay, refunds, payouts and more.

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Gigs Dashboard

The cockpit for your connectivity business. Subscriptions, payments, devices and analytics across multiple carriers and markets - all in one interface.

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