Your connectivity cockpit, 


Run a multi-carrier, multi-market mobile service from a tablet. Gigs Dashboard gives you a complete oversight of subscriptions, metrics, customers, payments, vouchers and devices - all in one interface.

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See payments history and manage refunds and promotional discounts.


Visualize activations, revenue, conversions, usage, churn and cohorts.


Get a 360° view on subscriptions including user data, payment history, devices and SIMs.


Import your device inventory and manage devices linked to your SIMs and subscriptions.


Export raw data for audits and processing. Send data to your BI and analytics tools.

Customer Support

Drill down to the details to resolve customer queries faster than ever.


Your connectivity cockpit


Your telecom offering at scale

Manage your entire mobile service across multiple markets and networks, all from one place.

Easily find and manage all subscriptions and related data.
Seamlessly configure SIM types, data allowances and billing.
Manage your plans on dozens of networks.

A 360° view on subscriptions, users, devices and SIMs

Your Support team can drill down to the details and make changes instantly.

Add and edit customer details, devices and SIMs.
Upgrade plans, add data top-ups or cancel subscriptions.
Port in customers’ existing phone numbers.

Total control of all your payments

See every customer’s payment history, manage refunds and chargebacks, and create new discount offers with Vouchers.

View every single payment and filter by status.
Refund individual payments with one click.
Set up promotions and incentives with Vouchers.


New markets and carriers in minutes

Expand your global footprint in clicks, not months. Create and launch plans on any of our partner networks from a tablet.


Insights in clicks

Everything you ever wanted to know about your mobile offering at a glance. Make smarter decisions with intuitive Reports.


See total talk, text and data usage at a micro and macro level.


Understand how users convert through your activation funnel.

Registrations & Activations

Watch registered users and activations increase over time.

Revenue & Spend

Get insights on revenue growth and average spend per user.

Renewals & Churn

Analyze the relative share of renewals and churned customers over time.

Promos Performance

Monitor the performance of your promo codes.


A deep dive into Gigs Dashboard

Subscriptions, users, payments, devices and analytics across multiple carriers and markets - all in one interface.



  • Registration statistics
  • Subscription conversions
  • Renewal and churn


  • Create and manage promo codes
  • See promos performance
  • Set time-limited pricing


  • Manage plans and pricing
  • Create new plans and addons
  • Manage naming and branding



  • Manage users
  • Upgrade or change plan
  • See usage per user

SIMs & Devices

  • Filter by active status
  • Search by phone number or IMEI
  • Replace or cancel SIM
  • Replace device

Usage Reports

  • See talk, text and data volume
  • Monitor renewals and cancellations
  • See most popular plans


Revenue reports

  • See payments volume & growth
  • Track spend per user
  • Compare cohorts
  • Export data


  • Find any payment
  • Recover 70% of failed payments
  • Filter by user and status
  • Download receipts
  • Refund payments


Support Operations

  • Port in numbers
  • Investigate payments
  • Replace SIMs or devices


  • Filter by active and canceled subscriptions
  • Troubleshoot and activate pending subscriptions
  • Change, cancel and resume plans

Gigs releases new features and updates every week.

Customer Insights

With Gigs’ off-the-shelf solution, we could launch our mobile plans in a matter of days across the US, all while keeping complete control of our branding and pricing. We get a 360 degree view into conversion rates, SIM activations, usage and more, helping us understand and improve the experience even further.

Sten Kirkbak, CEO of Xplora

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