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Replace all or part of your existing setup. Gigs’ MVNO toolkit has wholesale, OSS/BSS and MVNE/A built in, for the simplest and most flexible implementation on the planet.

The real deal

Gigs is a fully end-to-end MVNO operating system, with MVNE/A built in. No fake promises, no gimmicks. Choose the products that work for you.



5G & 4G LTE

  • Choice of networks

  • Unlimited talk & text

  • eSIMs

  • SIM cards

  • Mobile hotspot

  • Travel & roaming data

  • Premium data

  • VoLTE

  • SD & HD streaming

Payments & Payouts

Payments & Payouts


  • Revenue analytics

  • Payment acceptance

  • Recurring billing

  • Invoicing

  • Refunds & chargebacks

  • 100+ currencies


  • Regular payouts

  • Multi-account payouts

  • Detailed invoicing

Customer Lifecycle

Customer Lifecycle

Subscription Management

  • Hosted checkout

  • Number porting

  • Self-service subscription management

  • Plan upgrades

  • Top-ups & add-ons

  • Pause or cancel plan

Device Management

  • Network compatibility

  • Find devices in dashboard

  • Swap subscription to new device

Tax & Compliance

Tax & Compliance


  • Telecom taxes collected


  • Carrier of record

  • Compliant with local telecom regulations

  • Built-in KYC

White Label

White Label


  • Checkout flow

  • URLs

  • Transactional emails


  • Colors and logos

  • Landing page

Trusted by customers and the industry

Gigs powers dozens of successful light and full MVNOs. Whether you’re transferring existing lines or launching a fresh new service, we’re an experienced and trusted partner.

Switching is easy

Transfer all existing lines in days with no service interruption.

Experienced transfer specialists

Gigs has successfully completed transfers of tens of thousands of lines, with no errors or complaints.

One and done

Transfers take days, and are completed efficiently and to a high quality.

Transfer more than just lines

Replace all or part of your existing setup with Gigs’ fully integrated telecom stack, and save on operating costs.

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