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How Zolve became the first fintech to launch its own US phone plan

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Zolve, a neobank enabling global access to financial services, partnered with Gigs to become the first fintech to launch a wireless service in the US. By bundling two essentials in one single app, Zolve gives expats the smoothest start possible to their new life in the US, while unlocking new recurring revenue streams and strengthening user stickiness.


United States



Products used

Gigs Connect

Gigs Dashboard

Gigs Payments

Company Size

100-200 employees

The Challenge

Bringing banking and wireless under one roof

Before Zolve, getting a credit card was an intimidating experience for immigrants, filled with bureaucratic obstacles.

Zolve recognized that the same challenges apply to obtaining a US phone plan. By combining easy access to both credit cards and phone plans in one app, Zolve saw an opportunity to become the go-to solution for US-bound expats looking to hit the ground running.

Zolve faced several hurdles in finding a connectivity provider that could cater to their digital-native audience and provide all connectivity components out of the box, including:

Wireless plans with custom pricing & branding that seamlessly integrate with the Zolve app.

Carrier-grade 5G service without spending 12+ months on network negotiations and integrations.

A checkout solution covering the entire subscription lifecycle, from billing and number porting to plan activation and data top ups.

The Solution

Zolves chooses Gigs to launch a branded wireless service with zero new hires

Gigs Connect Solution

Gigs Connect: A single integration for everything Zolve needed to run their own wireless plan

With Gigs’ conversion-optimized checkout, Zolve users can easily purchase and activate 5G AT&T & T-Mobile plans within the Zolve app. Designed for self-service, Gigs Connect lets Zolve users seamlessly make plan upgrades, add data top-ups and update their personal information.

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Gigs Dashboard

Deep insights and control across all plans in one neat overview with Gigs Dashboard

The Gigs Dashboard gave Zolve a complete overview of subscriptions, metrics, customers, payments, vouchers and devices. With everything visualized in one interface, they could get deep insights into activations, revenue, conversions, usage and churn.

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Gigs Payments

Enhanced customer experience with Gigs Payments

Gigs Payments enabled Zolve to automatically handle refunds, vouchers, billing and telecom taxes, granting complete control of their users’ recurring payments. This empowered Zolve to stay fully compliant while ensuring a seamless user experience.

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The Results

Winning the essentials by fusing banking with wireless

“For expats seeking access to a SIM card in the US, the process has traditionally been time-consuming, complicated, and overwhelming. By enriching our suite of financial products with our own phone plan, we can transform the Zolve app into a launchpad for global ambitions. With the introduction of Zolve Mobile, we are thrilled to unlock an instantly growing recurring revenue stream.”

Raghunandan G

Raghunandan G

Founder & CEO of Zolve

3 min

Sign-up time

With Gigs, Zolve customers can purchase and activate their wireless subscription in less than 3 minutes.


Revenue per user

With the added wireless subscription revenue, Zolve multiplied their annual ARPU by several orders of magnitude.


Additional hires

With Gigs’ out-of-the-box solution, Zolve swiftly launched their wireless offering without a single new hire.

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