Win the essentials: banking and telecom

The only thing we use more than our bank card is our phone plan. With Gigs, you can bundle wireless plans with banking to cover all the essentials. Embed custom phone plans natively in your product to unlock new recurring revenue.

Use Cases

Let’s get ready to bundle

With Gigs, you can adapt to any audience. From budget friendly entry plans to premium unlimited data.


Become the primary banking and cellular service for your users. Merge banking and connectivity for always-on lifestyles. Surface potential wireless savings to encourage switching.


Capture high value customers on-the-go with travel data eSIMs. Notify travellers about your limited term, data-only offer when they book a flight or arrive in a new country.

Kids and teens

Why stop at first spending cards when you can offer first phone plans? Give parents and carers a safe and easy way to stay in touch with kids around the clock.


Every year, millions of student and working visas are issued to global travellers. Make it simple for them to set up their new life with bank cards and phone plans.

Revenue & Retention

Phone, check. Wallet, check.

Get into both pockets. Double your revenue per user and compound stickiness with one app for banking and phone plans.

Monetize your audience

Turn irregular freemium users into monthly paying subscribers with a new lifestyle touchpoint.

Create exclusive offers

Bundle phone plans with anything from premium banking features to insurance, and beyond.

Your plans. Your rules.

Set your own pricing and stay in control of commercials and branding to reach your revenue goals.

Minimum Investment

Start fast with no risk

Start small and pay as you grow. Launch phone plans fast and get a positive return on investment from Day One.

No setup fees or hefty volume commitments

With Gigs, you don’t need to pre-purchase supply or commit to a high volume of lines. No risk, unlimited scalability.


Only generate costs when you generate revenue. No setup or software fees, no hidden charges.

Fast integration

Our elegant and well-documented RESTful JSON API nestles neatly into your fintech app for a smooth integration. Your developers will thank you.

Zero Complexity

Telecom market entry at speed and scale

Launching a full-featured mobile service used to take months. With Gigs, it takes days. Launch fast with a seamless integration, expand to new markets, and scale to any use case.

Wholesale connectivity on demand

Pick your network. Compose your plans. Provide full-featured, high quality connectivity to your customers.

Manage your telecom offering at scale

Thousands of subscriptions, multiple carriers, one platform. Gather insights and manage subscriptions and plans from one single interface with Gigs Dashboard.

Fly high and fast

Gigs takes the burden of telecom regulations, so you can reach the stratosphere. Taxes, fees, reporting - it’s all on us.

Travel Data

Capture value on the move with travel SIMs

Welcome to Milano. Help your customers roam abroad with travel data eSIMs in major global markets.

Borderless banking meets borderless roaming

Convenience is king. Bundle banking and connectivity services for global nomads and frequent flyers.

An irresistible travel offer

Notify users about your travel SIM offer when they book flights or land abroad. Generate new revenue from travel data, with zero upfront costs.

Data you’ve never seen before

Get deeper insights on customer behavior with new data from eSIM usage abroad.


Gigs at a glance

The world’s first international telecom platform. Wholesale connectivity meets branded customer experience. Mix and match Gigs’ products to build your ideal mobile service.


Plug-and-play hosted checkout for mobile plans. End users sign up, pay, activate their SIM and manage their plan via Gigs Connect.


Generative AI chatbot with in-thread UI components. Handle account management and customer support requests instantly by serving the right interface for any query, in-line in the chat.


Subscriptions, users, payments, devices and analytics across multiple carriers and markets - all in one interface.


Payment acceptance, recurring billing, refunds, disputes and payouts across all major currencies.


One single, developer-friendly telecom API across multiple carriers and global markets. Go deep with a custom integration.


Gigs bundles premium wholesale connectivity from operators globally.

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One single, developer-friendly telecom API across multiple carriers and global markets. Go deep with a custom integration.

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Gigs Dashboard

The cockpit for your connectivity business. Subscriptions, payments, devices and analytics across multiple carriers and markets - all in one interface.

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Customer service AI assistant built for telecom. Embedded UI components help users to self-serve virtually any request in the chat.

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