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Life at Gigs

Gigster spotlight: Un gelato al limone with full-stack developer Kamala Rocci

David Zahn

Apr 24, 2024

5 min

What got you interested in engineering?

I’ve always had a passion for creating things, and being able to code is like a superpower in that sense: the possibilities are endless! You can make so many beautiful things and solve so many problems. I also love that software engineering is such a wide field, with such disparate flavors of careers, that there’s room for many different skills, perspectives and talents.

What excites you about the future of phone plans?

It’s an industry that hasn’t really been innovated that much for the most part, so there are a lot of unexplored opportunities! What’s especially exciting for me at Gigs is the work we do to provide simple interfaces that hide the complexity of the telecom world, and make the process of integrating phone plans (which would otherwise be very time consuming, expensive and challenging) quick and painless for our customers.

What problems are you focused on solving here at Gigs?

My work consists in solving problems for our customers and their users by providing no-code or low-code solutions, specifically in the Connect team, together with our product manager, engineering manager, designers and other fellow engineers. We typically work on improving or creating Connect features, offering support for bugs, questions, feature requests, and operations related to Connect.

How would you describe the engineering team at Gigs?

A group of super talented, super knowledgeable, super nice people :) There's always so much to learn so the fun never ends!

You are based in bella Italia. What is it like to work remotely at Gigs?

I’m really passionate about working in a distributed team, I feel like I get to learn so much because of that, and not just work related things: it’s an amazing opportunity to work side by side with people from different cultural backgrounds and get new insights and perspectives. On top of that, everyone at Gigs is super talented, competent and experienced, which makes things even better. We have a “no-meeting” (or a “as few as possible meetings”) policy for engineers at Gigs so you get a lot of focus time which is great. At the same time, most of our communications happen asynchronously (e.g. in Slack) and we have a lot of great documentation so you won’t miss information you need or feel out of the loop about things related to your work.

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