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Gigs is building a modern tech stack for telecom. We offer phone and data plans through an API and white label UIs. Join us and build a phone plan you’ll love.

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We are proud to be distributed team. You can work remotely from home, spend time in our hubs or join a co-working space in your city - it’s our treat, of course.


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Join an incredibly talented and experienced team from around the world on our mission to make connectivity seamless, universally accessible & affordable.

The tech stack, in our own words

We asked our Engineering team to explain their tech stack.
Here’s what they’d like you to know:

We’re building a great API for developers and companies who want to embed connectivity into their own apps and services.

For us, that means focusing on performance, consistency and careful abstractions to support more use cases. It also means maintaining world-class documentation via our OpenAPI spec.

On the backend, our core API is written in Ruby, and we have supporting services in Go. We’re actively looking to use Go for more of our new code.

On the frontend, we use Next.js with Typescript.

We’re hosted on GCP, and our event-driven architecture makes heavy use of PubSub. Most of our infrastructure is automated with Terraform. We use GitHub for collaboration and CI.

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A modular white-label hosted checkout for mobile plans. Customers sign up, pay, activate their SIM and manage their plan via Gigs Connect.


The cockpit for any connectivity business. Subscriptions, payments, devices and analytics across multiple carriers and markets - all in one interface.


One single, developer-friendly telecom API across multiple carriers and global markets. Help our customers integrate telecom natively in their products.


Help our customers manage recurring billing, refunds, taxes and payouts for their mobile service. Payments is fully integrated in Gigs Connect.

Operator AI

A customer service AI assistant built for telecom. Embedded UI components help users to self-serve virtually any request directly in the chat.

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